Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Instituto Allende, June 29, 2012

The quiet and still air of delightful studies at San Miguel’s Instituto Allende will give way to more sultry and perfumed wafts when it hosts a Victoria’s Secret lingerie fashion show by rolling out a catwalk for 6 international super models spirited on by the irrepressible musical stylings of Mexico’s top DJs.

Click on the image and scan the QR Code (bottom right) for the link to the event’s Facebook page with all the details:

2 Replies to “Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Instituto Allende, June 29, 2012”

  1. i can’t find any details such as : who the 6 International models will be and which DJ’s are spinning. i also went to Facebook and no such luck either. If anyone knows the answer/s, please let me know, Grassy-Ass!

    1. Right you are: The event’s description on Facebook doesn’t say much about the talent or musical guests. I’ve included included it below for others, just in case.

      INICIO 9:00 P.M.
      PREVENTA $200.
      DIA DEL EVENTO $350.
      V.I.P PREVENTA $400.
      DIA DEL EVENTO $600.

      Esta gran fiesta. Desde las nueve de la noche, hasta las 4 de la mañana, 4 de los mejores Djs de México, te harán vibrar con los mejores beats.

      6 modelos profesionales, nos deslumbrarán con las prendas más espectaculares de Lenceria . Luces y sonido de gran calidad, prometen un gran ambiente la noche del Viernes 29 de junio en el Instituto Allende.

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